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Peacock Tattoo Images (Peacock Tattoo Ideas)

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Peacock is one exquisite bird that has captured the heart of humans since time immemorial. It is a symbol of royalty and luxury. It is also a symbol of prosperity, good luck and meditation. This bird with delicate beauty has been associated with gods everywhere in the world. In Greek mythology, the peacock is associated with Hera, the goddess of marriage and love. In Hindu mythology, the peacock is associated with Goddess Laxmi, a compassionate, nurturing, and abundant goddess. In Christianity, the peacock is a symbol of the omnipresent God who sees the faithful ones. Peacock is also symbolic of resurrection, immortality and spirituality.

Due to its splendid beauty, radiant colours and profound esoteric symbolism, Peacock is one of the favourite tattoo designs among the girls. It represents elegance, wisdom, abundance and expanding consciousness which resonates with the new age thoughts. A peacock tattoo can be inked almost anywhere in the body. Upper arms, sides, back, legs and feet are common areas for peacock tattoos. Though the radiant blue and green colours of peacocks are aesthetically pleasing, you have the option to play with colours as per your choice. A complete black peacock tattoo looks as elegant as a multi-colour one.

The Following Peacock Tattoo Designs are officially selected and collected by the Tattoo Ideas Design Team. If you are going to get a tattoo made on your body, we recommend getting a tattoo by a certified tattoo artist.

Peacock Tattoo Ideas

The following page is subdivided into five subpages, each containing 10 Peacock Tattoo Ideas images.

Peacock Tattoo Images

01. Peacock Tattoo Image

Peacock Tattoo Design Image

02. Peacock Tattoo Picture

Peacock Tattoo Picture

03. Peacock Tattoo Photo

Peacock Tattoo Photo

04. Peacock Tattoo Photos

Peacock Tattoo Photos

05. Peacock Tattoo Figure

Peacock Tattoo Figure

06. Peacock Tattoo Photograph

Peacock Tattoo Photograph

07. Peacock Tattoo Portrait

Peacock Tattoo Portrait

08. Peacock Tattoo Ink

Peacock Tattoo Ink

09. Peacock Tattoo Shot

Peacock Tattoo Shot

10. Peacock Tattoo Snapshot

Peacock Tattoo Snapshot


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