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Roses remind us of the beauty and love that surrounds us and the sacrifices we have to make to achieve the perfect love that we desire. Roses are engraved everywhere from temples to the cemetery, for it denotes purity, love and remembrance. Though rose tattoo today is considered a feminine thing, both men and women have been equally attracted to rose tattoos historically and in modern times. This exquisite flower has captured the heart of humans since ancient times.

The biggest draw that this mystical flower has is its versatility in terms of colours, sizes and shapes, with each colour, petal and shape conveying different meanings. In Egyptian mythology, the Goddess of magic and life, Isis, was adorned with roses. In Greek mythology, the primaeval Goddess of Love, Aphrodite’s blood drops, created roses. In Hindu Mythology, the cosmic rose symbolises splendour, potency and knowledge of the divine Mother. Even the colours of roses have different meanings.

People since historical times have been fascinated by rose tattoos because of their profound symbolic significance. Rose tattoo in your body is the ultimate expression of love and strength. A rose tattoo with thorns indicates the pain you have to suffer to achieve the ultimate love.

The Following Rose Tattoo Designs are officially selected and collected by the Tattoo Ideas Design Team. If you get a tattoo made on your body, we recommend getting a tattoo by a certified tattoo artist.

Rose Tattoo Ideas

The following page is subdivided into five subpages, each containing 10 Rose Tattoo Ideas images.

Rose Tattoo Images

01. Rose Tattoo Image

Rose Tattoo Design Image

02. Rose Tattoo Picture

Rose Tattoo Picture

03. Rose Tattoo Photo

Rose Tattoo Photo

04. Rose Tattoo Photos

Rose Tattoo Photos

05. Rose Tattoo Figure

Rose Tattoo Figure

06. Rose Tattoo Photograph

Rose Tattoo Photograph

07. Rose Tattoo Portrait

Rose Tattoo Portrait

08. Rose Tattoo Ink

Rose Tattoo Ink

09. Rose Tattoo Shot

Rose Tattoo Shot

10. Rose Tattoo Snapshot

Rose Tattoo Snapshot


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