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People have been drawing inspiration for tattoo designs from outer space, cosmos and universe for a long time. However, it will not be an exaggeration to say that Sun is the most commonly used celestial object for the tattoo design. This is because the sun keeps life going on this planet, and thus it is an integral part of our lives. Sun carries many different connotations and is sometimes symbolic as well. Sun has also been associated with many religions of the world. For instance, in the Hindu religion, worshipping the sun in the morning is quite common.

Sun is also quite significant from an astronomical and scientific point of view. Astronomers have been trying to study the sun for the longest time known. Sun also plays a vital role in astrology. Having a sun tattoo on your body could mean many things. However, people choose this tattoo for diverse reasons. While some do it for religious purposes, others may do it for the style statement. Regardless of your reason, if you want the sun tattoo on your body, you may be looking for some inspirational design ideas. Please look at our list of more than 50 incredible sun tattoo designs we have compiled for you.

Sun Tattoo Ideas

The following page is subdivided into five subpages, each containing 10 Sun Tattoo Ideas images.

Sun Tattoo Images

01. Sun Tattoo Image

Sun Tattoo Design Image

02. Sun Tattoo Picture

Sun Tattoo Picture

03. Sun Tattoo Photo

Sun Tattoo Photo

04. Sun Tattoo Photos

Sun Tattoo Photos

05. Sun Tattoo Figure

Sun Tattoo Figure

06. Sun Tattoo Photograph

Sun Tattoo Photograph

07. Sun Tattoo Portrait

Sun Tattoo Portrait

08. Sun Tattoo Ink

Sun Tattoo Ink

09. Sun Tattoo Shot

Sun Tattoo Shot

10. Sun Tattoo Snapshot

Sun Tattoo Snapshot


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